TracAPM Digital System

Empowering First Support
at International Borders

Coming to Malaysia? Get your SafeTravelPass Malaysia (STP) today and book for Covid-19 good standards accommodation, transports, swab test and government fees facilitation before boarding.

STP is a component of Malaysia government system TracAPM, during and after the Pandemic, hand to hand walking through the Endemic for the civil defence welfare.

TracAPM Digital System is at the first desk of country gateway to greet and welcome you to Malaysia.

As part of Digital APM Masterplan and endorsed by Prime Minister Office, we empower the digitisation of civil defence force under Malaysia Government that provides support and facilitation to civil community, to potential volunteers, existing volunteers, and organisations that involve volunteers, in conjunction to Malaysia MyDigital initiative.

Open Platform, Interoperability

TracAPM facilitation of civil defence operations and civilians protections hand to hand with government applications such as contact tracing, and venue check-ins, providing ground forces through the system for the handling of civilians welfare.

The system facilitate stakeholders operational digitisation for in-depth professional needs, as apposed to general public applications for the masses.

” Experience Digital APM “

” TracAPM QPMS for KLIA Covid19 Digital Traffic Control ”

” TracAPM QMS and TMS for Quarantine Hotel, Transport, service providers and agents management “

” TracAPM for Alor Gajah Digital Community Watch ”

” TracAPM for ABC-19 Covid19 Vaccination Registration & Community Watch

” TracAPM Hotspot Identification For Dynamic Engagement (HIDE) “

” TracAPM SafeTrac Home Quarantine GPS Track-n-Trace “

” TracAPM Langkawi & National Travel Bubble Passenger Registration & Process Flow Management “

Sedia, Pantas, Berintegriti

TracAPM digitalisation transforms APM Disaster, Resource, Asset and Data Management

” MyABC19 is a component of TracAPM and the official application for APM officers’ daily duty and mission tracking. APM members can contact your regional office or chief officer to enroll in ABC-19 program or download MyABC19 Application. “

Travel Bubble Management

APM’s ground force enabled systematic deployment of social, health, and multi-agencies synchronisation system for designated Travel Bubble destination for the purpose of social, industry and economy welfare. To apply or learn more about TracAPM Travel Bubble services, contact us today.

Surveillance Process Management

” TracAPM Surveillance Process Management (better known as “Quarantine Process Management System (QPMS)”) transform manual processes to automated system at the borders “

” TracAPM Safe Entry Hotel (better known as “Quarantine-Station Management System (QMS)”) and Transport Management System (TMS) registers all service providers under automated system for real-time surveillance “

Home Quarantine Service

SafeTrac Home Quarantine Service is integrated with GPS technology for real-time monitoring of Person Under Surveillance (PUS) who are required to undergo home quarantine. 

It consist and compatible with RFID e-Bracelet, Bluetooth and CTU which will trigger alert and notify authorities of any violation.

How to get your SafeTravelPass (STP)?

Register and book online for your SafeTravelPass, the official web site for Covid-19 Safe Entry Hotel (SEH) certified accommodation, transports, swab test and government fees facilitation recognise by government system TracAPM.

Advisable for all Malaysian and Non-Malaysian Travellers depart or coming to Malaysia for safe digital experience.






Covid-19 Care

All in One, One for All

TracAPM speed up and smoothen the traffic registration process in airports and borders, by digitising all processes under “one system, one command, one digital nation” in conjunction with national security and civil defence watch initiative.

TracAPM recorded average 76% time saving sampling from over 1,000 travellers even before fully automated and integrated with other agencies, at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (“KLIA”) proof of concept session, 22 February 2021 – 8 March 2021.

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TracAPM Digital System is a government system approved, accepted and owned by APM for digitalisation of APM, including facilitation of entry surveillance (quarantine) processes, border control registration, national security, and civil defence watch purposes. APM members can apply for MyABC19, the APM members utility apps. Travellers can register for TracAPM Digital Travel Pass for Entry-Registration component or better known as “SafeTravelPass Malaysia” at or and scan the QR Code pre-departure or upon arriving Malaysia for Contactless, Safe, Fast, and Secured travel experience. Questions and Suggestions, contact TracAPM Technical Support, click here. (c) Copyright TracAPM, All Rights Reserved.