. About TracAPM

TracAPM is Malaysia government system aim to empower the preparedness of Malaysia Civil Defence Force (Angkatan Pertahanan Awam Malaysia “APM”) to carry out duties to ensure the safety and well-being of the country through digitalisation and operationalise APM by implementing integrated and holistic system in support of the core function of APM.

Some of the digitalised components of TracAPM includes International borders quarantine process management (QPMS) such as Kuala Lumpur International Airport (“KLIA”), national quarantine station management, Covid-19  Extermination Agent (Agen Basmi Covid-19 “ABC-19”) application, Hotspot Identification For Dynamic Engagement (HIDE), and the handling of the unfortunates (corpses) in the pandemic.

TracAPM was launched by the Prime Minister Tan Sri Dato’ Haji Muhyiddin bin Haji Muhammad Yassin on 24 March 2021, accepted and fully used by government of Malaysia on 21 June 2021. The system is officially full-run starting 1 July 2021 and handed over to the government on 14 July 2021.

. About MyABC19 Application (TracAPM Member App)

MyABC19 (or TracAPM Member App) is a component of TracAPM and the official application for APM officers’ daily duty and mission tracking. The App is use for national Covid-19 vaccination candidate registration, hotspot inspection, operational and incident reports, as well as tracking and tracing of civil defence programs throughout the country.

APM members can contact your regional office or chief officer to enroll in ABC-19 program or download MyABC19 Application.

. About TracAPM Quarantine Process Management System (QPMS)

TracAPM QPMS is the official government application for all disaster, pandemic or civil defence quarantine process management, including registration, tracking, and resource planning connecting all touch points within the quarantine process under unified system to achieve real-time reports and precision responses.

. TracAPM Quarantine Process Management System (QPMS), Quarantine Station (hotels) Partner Program, Transports Partner Program and Agent Program for Covid-19

TracAPM QPMS components provides quarantine stations “QS Management System” (QMS) and transport facility owners “transport Management System” (TMS) to register and manage all quarantine rooms and services reservation, booking, payment and room arrangements within centralised platform.

TracAPM is full-run as of 1 July 2021 for all national borders. Approved hotels will be part of the government quarantine process management system (QPMS) to accept house deal, resellers, walk-in, and travellers direct booking and payment starting 1st August 2021. 

QS owners can apply at QS Partner Program. QS resellers and travel agents can apply at QS Agent Program.

Business-to-Business arrangement for non-government service providers shall contact Tri-G Technologies Sdn Bhd, the official technical support for government system TracAPM. Any suggestions or questions, please contact your regional office or TracAPM.

. About SafeTravelPass Malaysia (STP)

SafeTravelPass Malaysia (https://safetravelpass.com.my) is a component licensed to TracAPM, the official Covid-19 quarantine registration, quarantine hotel booking, payment and government cost facilitation service for all travellers coming into Malaysia.

SafeTravelPass (STP QR Code) is officially recognised by the government upon arrival in Malaysia, and is OnepassWorld compliance. International digital travel passes registered with OnepassWorld is coherent with SafeTravelPass, inter-exchangeable worldwide.

Obtain your SafeTravelPass Malaysia (STP) at https://tracapm.com, or https://safetravelpass.com.my

. Types of Quarantine Stations (hotels)

Standard QS and Premium QS are private hotels and facilities; whereas “pusat latihan” are government facilities.

Malaysian or foreigners can pay at SafeTravelPass online for all types of QS (hotels); whereas Malaysian are allowed to pay on arrival or at hotels booked through SafeTravelPass.

. Types of Transports

Travellers can book and pay at SafeTravelPass online for all types of Transports.

. Government payments of Covid-19 Tests and Operation Fees

Travellers can use SafeTravelPass online for all government payments facilitation, including Cash-on-Arrival (COA) for all border entries at any TracAPM Checkpoints.

. Is TracAPM.com Government Web Site?

Civildefence.gov.my is the only official government web site for Malaysian Civil Defence Force (Angkatan Pertahanan Awam Malaysia “APM”). TracAPM.com is the information web site pertaining to government system TracAPM for the ease of International readers and Malaysia users for reference purposes. Any suggestions or questions, please contact your regional office or TracAPM.

. What are the differences of travel bubble, contact tracing, checking into venues? Do I need to do all?

TracAPM Passenger Registration application especially the TracAPM Travel Bubble system is an example of core function of APM civil defence to protect and prevent escalation of outbreak, on top of first response on the ground mobilised through APM forces nationwide, facilitating government multi-agencies in reports and supports.

Contact tracing and the venue check-in function are 2 separate ways that the app protects you from coronavirus (COVID-19). TracAPM works hand to hand with government Apps and equipped the agencies with ground forces, start right from the International borders, during and post pandemic, cushion the civil defence needs during the endemic transition requirements.

We encourage you to always: 

  • keep your contact tracing switched on except in a small number of situations
  • check into venues when there is an official government QR code poster on display
  • look for TracAPM Passenger Registration QR Code for your Civil Defence protection whenever you enter or exit a Travel Bubble destination

Travel Bubble

Travel Bubble concept is where all entry and exit checkpoints are registered and trackable equip with APM civil defence task force on the ground to response immediately when there is positive COVID-19 cases or emergency help needed. Highest level of Travel Bubble concept is all passengers coming into or going out of the Bubble Destination shall go through periodical COVID-19 screening and conduct full civil defence protection registration. TracAPM is interoperated with relevant support systems and applications for health record, quarantine, and travel requirements to cater for the different needs of local residence, workers and travellers.

Contact tracing

When you have contact tracing switched on, your app will use Bluetooth to know when it has come into close contact with other nearby app users. ‘Close contact’ is generally 2 metres for 15 minutes or more. If any of those nearby app users later test positive for coronavirus, you will receive an alert with advice to self-isolate and book a test. The alerts are based on a ‘risk-scoring algorithm’ developed by scientific experts. 

TracAPM Contact tracing module is ready with APM forces nationwide, ready for next level of protection when the government requires.

Venue check-in

When you check into venues using the app and official government QR code posters, this data is held on your phone. 

If it’s identified that people who were there on the same day have since tested positive for coronavirus, you may get an alert advising you to get a test The venue check-in feature works independently of the contact tracing feature. If you get a venue alert it will not tell you to self-isolate. 

. Other enquiries

Any suggestions or questions, please contact your regional office or TracAPM.

TracAPM Disaster Management, Resource Management, and Data Management provides cross-agencies common data unification for better collaborations

Precision Disaster Respond and Resource Deployment using trac-n-trace, geolocation, and big-data analytics made real-time civil defence support possible.

TracAPM QS Management System (QMS) and SafeTravelPass Booking System manages all your booking channels in one account

Save Time, Human Resources, and Inventory Planning. Easy booking channel and guest flow management under government QS auto-queue system.

QS owners can apply at QS Partner Program. QS resellers and travel agents can apply at QS Agent Program. Transport owners can apply and offer quarantine transport services at Transport Partner Program.