QS Partner Program

List your Quarantine Stations (Hotels) and Services on government TracAPM QS Management System (QMS), and receive bookings from SafeTravelPass and Sales Agents for all travellers coming into Malaysia

Partner Program Application

TracAPM QMS is already in use by the Government, Book & Pay Direct to QS, Liberalise Open Market for Hotel & Non-Hotel sales agents participation, Unified Registration and cross agencies integration under TracAPM digital system

Create new listing

  • It’s free to create a listing
  • 24/7 support by phone or email
  • Set your own house rules for guests
  • All booking channels in 1 account, include Online, Walk-in, House Sales, Agents & Corporates

TracAPM QS Management System (QMS) and SafeTravelPass Booking System manages all your booking channels in one account

Save Time, Human Resources, and Inventory Planning. Easy booking channel and guest flow management under government QS auto-queue system.